Originally Web posted Wednesday, 19 October 2011.
Content last modified Wednesday, 27 March 2024 .

Breville 800 Series Service Manual - Comparison with my own and readers’ findings

In the summer of 2011, a kind reader provided me (and us all) with what appears to be the service manual for the Breville 800 series of machines, as of early 2008. The document explicitly lists the model 800ES for Australia and New Zealand, the 800ESXL for the United States, and the BRE800ESXL for Canada. There are also various notes for the “A” suffix models, which do indeed appear to be “new and improved” revisions.

Please Please Please download the following PDF file rather than repeatedly viewing it from this site (if your device supports downloading)! (This should happen automatically in most cases as long as you/your device and software are not doing anything to override forced downloads.) This will help keep my WWW hosting costs low, allowing me to keep this site free and ad-free and donation request free. Thank you!

Breville 800 class Service Manual PDF (PDF download)

I present the PDF file here for the benefit of Breville 800 series machine owners wishing to keep their own machines useful and running. Neither myself nor the person who provided it to me can find any copyright information on the PDF file. I do not intend to violate Breville’s copyright, and if contacted by the company and asked to remove the PDF, i will. I do hope that Breville will choose to allow the file to remain available for all our benefit, and especially to help keep as many of these machines as possible running well.

Had this been available to me when i first needed to work on our own machine here, it is unlikely that i would have gone to the time and trouble to draw out my own schematic. Comparing the two, there are some interesting differences. Open up the PDF in another window to the schematic (p. 6) and let’s compare it with my schematic, repeated here:

handmade 800ESXL schematic
Pins 1 through 6 of 6-pin connector to the left and pins 1 through 5 of 5-pin connector to the right

Revision History of my hand-drawn schematic

Before we get into comparisons, some notes on the revisions (to date) of my schematic:

Rev. 1 (initial release), 22 December 2009
GIF file format, for maximum compatibility with WWW browsers of the era. Missing details on Steam/Hot Water circuit board.
Rev. 2, 10 August 2013
Added R14 and R15 470Ω each Steam and Hot Water LED series resistors. Added C9 and C10, but not their capacitances
Rev. 3, 25 March 2024
The wiring around the Power switch and related LEDs/resistors was significantly incorrect on earlier revisions (appreciation to James L. for finding the error and alerting me). Carefully reviewed the wiring of the actual machine here, which matches what James L. sent, as well as better fitting the Breville service manual wiring diagram’s wiring.
Redrew schematic as a Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) file, which will hopefully be sharper and clearer and scale better on various screen types and sizes
Added missing main board C8 across Power button contacts. Interestingly, there is a duplicate unstuffed C8 in electrically the same position over on the Power button/light P.C.B.
Added capacitances for C9 and C10
Redid coloring to hopefully make colored wires easier to see, and better differentiate between parts on the main P.C.B. and parts off of it

Schematic/Wiring Diagram Comparisons

At first, this looks like an entirely different circuit. Yet after careful study, it is mostly the same circuit, drawn differently. Some changes appear to be related to the difference between the 230-240V version, which appears to be what is shown in the service manual’s schematic, and the 120V U.S. version (i’d assume the Canadian model is the same, but i don’t know) in the schematic i drew. The changes i see which are apparently related to the voltage difference are:

Then there are a group of differences which are likely errors on my part or whomever drew up the schematic in the service manual:

Carefully rechecked in late March 2024, and absolutely for sure IC pin 1 (P50) goes to R13 and pin 3 of the 5-contact plug leading to the power button P.C.B. on the unit here.

There’s another class which may be errors or may be production changes: Another class are clearly production changes:

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