Originally written and posted 4 March 2000.
Content last modified Saturday, 9 January 2021 .

These are All albums

picture of 9 recording albums, representing 7 distinct formats.
Click on any album above to see a similar, closer up, slightly less fuzzy image (approx. 28-56k each)

Each of the items pictured above is a recording album. The concept of an “album” is not unique to recorded audio, having predated it. Neither is any one format within recorded music solely qualified to hold the moniker of “album”.

Unfortunately, some folks (often amongst the preoccupied-with-self Baby Boomer generation) continue to perpetuate the myth that the word “album” is synonymous with the long-playing vinyl phonograph record (a.k.a. LP). Using the eminently more sensible definition of an “album” being a collection, it is clear that any recording format which collects together a reasonable number of selections can rightfully be called an “album”.

Albums pictured above include:

In my collection, not pictured: the Philips compact cassette prerecorded album (i forgot). This enumeration is by no means exhaustive. For more history, consult your usual sources, online or otherwise.

Commercial 78 RPM album. Long-playing vinyl phonograph record. Long-playing vinyl phonograph record. 78 RPM personal compilation album. Pre-recorded reel-to-reel tape album. Compact Disc digital audio album. Compact Disc digital audio album. 8-track cartridge tape album. 4-track cartridge tape album. 7 inch album.