Originally written and posted 12 April 2000.
Content last modified Saturday, 9 January 2021 .

Some ask, “What is Analog Land?”

Analog Land is where i, Sonic, lived almost exclusively from a very young age until i was pushed out of KALX in mid-1995 and migrated to the Digital Realm (with its amazing degree of insanity).

Had one asked me any time up through my High School years whether there would ever come a time that i would be listening to almost no recorded music, and that a roomful of audio equipment would lie fallow for over a year, i would have thought the querier nuts. Well, that is precisely what happened.

Like almost everything else in this world, audio equipment will decay if left unused for extended periods of time. Also, the proximity of strong RF radiation from nearby Mt. Wilson required an intense upgrade remodel of a funky audio mixing console i originally made in 1977.

This took many days spread out over many months. Here’s what that process looked like:

Overview of disassembled audio mixing console. Audio mixer circuitry, such as it is.
Click on that last image if you want a closer look.

Finally, as of 11 April 2000, it’s all done.

Overview of finished studio.