About This Digitization


Scanning and HTML conversion of the original paper manual was undertaken by Sonic Purity in early through mid 2019, as a service to broadcasters and hobbyists who may still have and be using (or want to be using) these machines.


Despite the lack of any copyright declaration on the original document, this non-lawyer believes that the copyright for the content of this document remains with whomever possesses the assets of the defunct Fidelipac Corporation.

This digital conversion expression of that content is released as standard HTML + CSS. The person who did the digitization releases this edition for free, for anyone to use, redistribute, and/or modify. I welcome its distribution, including sharing with others and/or hosting on various websites AS LONG AS NO MONEY NOR OTHER COMPENSATION IS CHARGED OR SOUGHT FOR THIS DOCUMENT OR ANY PARTS THEREOF.

Version Control

This is digitized Version 1 by Sonic Purity. If you make modifications and distribute them, please add your own versioning as you choose, appending “derived from the original: digitized Version 1 by Sonic Purity”. Hopefully this will make things less confusing if or when other digitized versions appear on the Internet.

Formatting and Conventions

This digitization strives to be faithful to the original manual, whilst making accessing its content easier on contemporary systems. Formatting is preserved where possible and where it makes sense, otherwise it is modified, e.g. an HTML table rather than the very long and hard to read original dot matrix printout listing of all the remote control pins.

I have attempted to keep the HTML and CSS as close to least-common-denominator as possible whilst being readable and usable on devices in common use as of the time period of the digitization. If your specific WWW browser is having problems (looking at you, Internet Exploder), try disabling Styles (CSS), or use a different WWW browser.


[Digitizer’s notes are in square brackets like this. Information in square brackets was not part of the original manual.]

Original now-obsolete information such as contact information for the Fidelipac Corporation has been presented as-was, for the possible benefit of those doing research or wishing to preserve or trace history.


Minor corrections of obvious errors in the original manual have been made by me during the process of digitization, with no notations. If you find errors in this digital version, you may contact me and depending upon my workload and what is going on in my life, i’ll look into making the corrections and releasing a new version of this digitization. If you have a later edition of the CTR100 manual with updated information and do not wish to fork your own version of the digitization, i’ll consider updating this document from your emailed scans or mailed original pages if there’s time for doing so in my life.


Navigation is minimal. It is presumed that the user will mostly utilize their WWW browser software’s controls. Standard links as supported by the WWW browser iCab have been included. As a reference document, many readers will most likely prefer to go to the Table Of Contents, then directly to the page of interest. Next/previous navigation links have been provided for those wishing to linearly read the entire manual from start to finish. Note that Section 7 — Maintenance jumps to the Table Of Contents section for Section 8 — Mechanical Assemblies and Parts Lists rather than the first item in that section. Choose that item from the TOC and then you may resume reading linearly and get every page. Same for the start of Section 9 — Electrical Schematics and Parts Lists.

Fidelipac Logo


Fidelipac Corporation ☐ P.O. Box 808 ☐ Moorestown, NJ 08057 ☐ U.S.A ☐ 609-235-3900 ☐ TELEX: 710-897-0254 ☐ Toll Free 800—HOT TAPE

Preliminary Technical Manual
Dynamax CTR100 Series
NAB Tape Cartridge Recorder/Reproducer System

CTR111 A Size Mono Play
CTR112 A Size Stereo Play
CTR123 B Size Mono Record/Play
CTR124 B Size Stereo Record/Play

First Edition—November 1984