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Sonic Purity’s World O’ KALX

So much that could be written… yet so little for now. In some ways, it is odd that it took me until 2008 to put up a KALX-related page, given my deep involvement at the “college radio” station 90.7 FM KALX Berkeley between 1980 and 1995, and given that my very first web pages ever, done in June 1996, were my famous FM reception article, originally done for KALX then later starting me on my WWWay.

Until some possible future date, when i may finally burrow into my personal KALX historical archives (with some material that dates back to the Radio KAL days), what you see here is what there is. The main impetus at me putting up this rather content-sparse page at this time is to mention and link to support files for…

D.J.’s Choice - The Compact Disc

Oh, i guess i should also include: