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It’s storytime…

1 August 2020 No, seriously: This section of this site (this page and its linked subsidiary pages) is no longer being updated. All my stories from this current millennium are on my new-in-2020 site jigglejunkie.com. The only reasons i’m keeping this up are that things never truly disappear from the Internet (except when they do) and so people can see how much my writing has improved from this painfully bad piece.

WARNING: if you have not reached the age of legal majority in your jurisdiction and/or your parents do not want you to read anything having to do with sex and/or you submit to some coercive government force which claims that you may not read stories possibly involving human intercourse, please go back NOW. This content is provided in hopes of entertaining (and perhaps even enlightening) mature adults who enjoy fatlovesex, under the natural right of freedom of speech. If you do not want to read about fat and standard-size people wanting/having sex, please leave now. Thank you!

Well OK, story at the moment (and perhaps for quite a long time [sigh]).

Warning: the following story contains some aspects of weight-gain. This concept deeply bothers some folks. If you do not know what the words weight-gain, feeder, and feedee mean in the context of the fatlovesex world, i suggest you check out the following:

For the record, i consider myself a Fat-Gain Encouraging Cheerleader, not a Feeder. I support and enjoy the choices freely made by others, and do not coerce nor manipulate others to gain or lose weight. A fat woman freely, of her own volition, choosing to gain weight drives my hormones wild. This story reflects this perspective.

Write me and tell me what you liked about it if you someday want to read more of this stuff (no promises at this moment).

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