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Radio Service Business Methods by John F. Rider and J. Van Newenhizen $1 OBO

Book: Radio Service Business Methods by John F. Rider and J. Van Newenhizen. RCA imprint, 1936. Rough/poor condition, especially the cover, which has detached from the main book. Some bug damage (cover, outer pages), but the book has been long-term frozen to kill anything which might have been active. All pages appear to be present, seem to be attached to the binding (but i didn’t shake it hard, so there could be a loose one) and in good readable/scannable condition.

The reason this book is being offered for sale (for less than the original 1936 pre-inflation $3 cover price) rather than being tossed into paper recycling is that it appears to be very rare. John F. Rider was a well-known, well-regarded technical author of the era. Could be excellent source material for a sociological study of how people thought about running a business of the 1930s related to a hot new high-tech device: the radio, as well as general business theory of the time. Of possible interest to radio historians.

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