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New Old Stock SCSI Tower $50 OBO

New Old Stock SCSI Tower, no maker/model.
250W power supply, well over 8 standard power connectors, including one smaller (Zip) size and 2 standard size wired for 12V only.
2 cooling fans + the one in the power supply.

Includes all internal wiring for standard 50-pin narrow SCSI (same as used internally by Apple in the Beige era):

  • SCSI data ribbon cable with 8 internal drive 50-pin connectors, each end terminating in a standard Centronics-type 50-pin connector on the rear panel
  • 8 individual rear panel SCSI ID switches, terminating in two sets of connectors with different pin pitches, which ought to plug in directly to many drives (but may need adaptation to some others)
  • 8 red front panel “busy” LEDs, terminated in two separate pin connectors
  • 4 hard drive brackets for 3.5" hard drives

There is a green Power LED next to the row of 8 “busy” LEDs on the front panel. Each of the 8 5.25" half-height drive bays has its own removable front bezel: 4 ventilated, 4 solid. 5.25" optical drives appear as though they’ll bolt right in with no bracket needed (did a trial fit but did not remove the front bezel to actually screw it in—trying to keep it brand new).

Power supply has been tested (November 2014) with a full load of 8 SCSI hard drives: works great.

I don’t even remember where i got this, nor when, other than it was back when i was still using SCSI heavily and daily. Those days are over for me, so i’d like someone to be able to put this to use. Perfect for the hardcore Beige-era Vintage Maccer to use to bolt in seven 9.1 GB native 50-pin SCSI drives for a whopping approximately 63 GB of native non-adapted 50-pin SCSI goodness!

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