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Is it still important for iCab to identify itself as iCab Whenever Possible?

Many decisions are made by those who maintain websites based upon statistics gathered by site visitors. One of the important statistics is how many of each web browser make and model are visiting the site (this should not matter, yet it does).

Back in the first half of the 2000s and prior, when iCab used its own unique browser engine, it was critical to let the webmavens of the world know that people were using iCab. Some iCab users, tired of being blocked unnecessarily, merely set iCab to always identify itself as one of the Big Two (Old School, obsolete) browsers used back then: Micro$oft Internet Explorer (MSIE) or Netscape Navigator or Communicator (NS). Since iCab 4’s move to WebKit as its engine, incompatibility issues are far fewer. Still, it helps support iCab to let iCab identify itself as itself, rather than Safari or Google Chrome.

Sonic Purity’s iCab Filters?

Historically this page had a collection of filters i made in the early 2000s. Some of those sites for which i made filters are long gone, and the rest have been updated so many times that in most if not all cases, the filters would be meaningless in the 20-teens and beyond. Thus i have removed them.

Why isn’t iCab smiling?

Good question! iCab’s error checker does not like what i am doing for a gradient in the main CSS file for this site. Therefore basically every page on this site makes iCab frown, even though when i remove the few lines of CSS for the gradient, iCab is happy. The gradient syntax is correct for the browsers (new and old) which i wish to support. W3C has no problem with my CSS.

I could have reported this as a bug, but having to keep checking my pages to see whether iCab was smiling or not became just one more chore in an overloaded life. As much as i love(d) iCab, my days amongst the living are running low, thus i choose to not spend time reporting such things nor doing this extra testing, in a world where when i report very serious bugs to Apple they don’t fix them over many years! Alexander Clauss/the iCab team have historically been very good about fixing bugs, so this would likely not be a problem, if i bothered to report it.

Why is this page even still here?

Because i may well start using iCab again, and there may be something more worthwhile here in the future. Or not.

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