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Out With The Old

overview of the extent of the work

The photo above gives some idea of the overall extent of the removal operation. While not strictly necessary, it was decided to remove the old systems before installing the new system to avoid the ever-growing accumulation of “mystery pipes” in the back yard. Many of these pipes would have been in the way of the new system, anyway.

Much of what appears to be the original back yard system was still in place, even though a good portion had been disconnected. This original system was made with iron pipe, which may or may not have been galvanized.

Many of these pipe pieces crumbled upon removal: Example of crumbling iron pipe

Whereas similar pieces of apparently the same vintage were still nearly whole and usable: Example of still usable galvanized pipe

A second system was installed during the first renovation in the late 1970s to early 1980s period. Most of the renovation pipe was Schedule 40 PVC plastic, though there were at least two segments of copper pipe in the west circuit.

Having these three different piping systems in place all near each other in the back yard, and especially near the redwood tree, gave a direct comparison of the longevity and strength of the three piping systems. This point will be taken up further in the new system installation section.

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