Originally written and posted Wednesday, 28 November 2012.
Content last modified Saturday, 9 January 2021 .
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PR511 Motion Sensor with Dual Floodlights

In addition to operating as a typical outdoor motion-activated or darkness-activated outdoor floodlight fixture, this nifty device can simultaneously control up to 4 other X10 modules with the motion sensor and at the same time 4 different other X10 modules with the Dusk sensor.

This device used to be well covered on Ido Bartana’s site, when that site existed. Since it’s demise, you’ll have to hunt around for PR511 information. Ours has yet to fail, though i thought it had and damaged it during disassembly. Hence for now this page only covers how to properly disassemble a PR511 without trashing the 4-conductor ribbon cable.

Floodlights Stay On

The PR511 Owner’s Manual troubleshooting section reminds us of what i forgot (leading to my damaging our unit during disassembly): the PR511 floodlights retain their state during loss of power. This unit uses a latching relay to control its own floodlights. If it receives a unit code On signal, its own floodlights will remain lit regardless of what the sensors are doing, until it receives a unit code Off signal. Simply use an X10 controller to turn the PR511 off.

Disassembly of the PR511

  1. Remove 4 corner screws holding the control panel assembly in place.
  2. Pry up and remove front lens. It is a friction fit, which slides straight upwards towards the control surface.
  3. Pry up the detector and sensitivity control assembly as for the lens, just slightly to ensure it is free to move.
  4. Pry out the control panel assembly part way together with the detector and sensitivity control assembly, keeping both in sync. Push the 4 power wires into the unit body as needed to create slack.
  5. Do Not under any circumstances strain the ribbon cable!
Here’s what can happen when the ribbon cable is under tension:
Two wires broken and two P.C.B. traces ripped clean off the board!

Overview of the unit disassembled

Reassembly is more or less the reverse of disassembly. Take care to ensure that the translucent white square cross section weather gasket is correctly replaced, esp. across the back of the lens (unit front).

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