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X10 is one of several names for a series of remote control devices for lamps, appliances, and so forth, which primarily utilize existing household wiring (as opposed to dedicated wires) to communicate with the rest of the system.

It is not my purpose to provide any further information regarding what X10 is, especially since this topic (and a great deal more) is well addressed at the X10 website, and, back when it existed, used to be very well covered at the Home Automation Knowledge Base (Dead Link) site. (I am leaving the dead Ido Bartana site link on this page and similar links on other pages of this site section in place, for those who may wish to try searching archive websites for archived copies.) The purpose of Sonic’s World O’ X10 pages is to provide selected detailed pictorial modification, repair, and related information for a few X10 devices, and similar information for seasoned X10 users/electronics hobbyists not available elsewhere (at least in this form).

Alert exclamation point in triangle IMPORTANT:This information is provided AS-IS, for informational purposes only, with no warranty whatsoever. Neither Sonic Purity nor anyone at Siber-Sonic.com can control your ability to successfully and safely utilize this information, and we accept no responsibility for anyone’s actions (beyond our own) related to the content of this website. X10 equipment utilizes the A.C. power line, which is dangerous. Do not attempt any of these adjustments if you have any doubt about your ability to work safely with household powerline-operated devices. It is your responsibility to know and understand common safety procedures, especially those involving electricity at potentially dangerous power levels!

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X10 Wall Switch Modules

Full amplitude X10 pulse train on R.F. carrierAlignment of X10 modules and controllers for optimum performance
Common Failures with X10 Modules and Controllers and Their Repair

Pages discussing repair, modification, and/or alignment of specific X10 devices

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