Founded (originally Web posted) Tuesday, 13 July 2021.
Content last modified Monday, 13 June 2022 .

! World O’ Advocacy

When Yelp! reviews disallow sufficient characters
When Yelp! itself needs reviewing
When there’s something so extraordinarily messed up or wonderful that i’m moved to write
When there’s no better venue (or i want a venue under my control)
You’ll find it here


My Love/Annoyance Letter to oVertone (June 2022)
oVertone hair care products have changed my life in wonderful ways—especially their most-intense color conditioners for brown (and white) hair.

Rantz ’N’ Raves

Open Letter to AT&T from an AT&T Stockholder (July 2021)
How badly is it possible to do documentation and other customer support? AT&T will show you! Unfond farewell to a company who’s rarely done me or anyone any favors.
An open message to DeviantArt regarding their WWW browser support (June 2022)
A call for DeviantArt to dial down its arrogance regarding WWW browser support before too many other creatives flee the platform.