My Love/Annoyance Letter to oVertone

June 2022

❤️ oVertone Luuuvvvvve 💜

Love your hair!”
Nice hair!
“Great colors!”
“How do you get those colors?”
“It’s oVertone Coloring Conditioner”

These and similar comments i get all the time since starting near the end of November 2019 to color my formerly-brown now naturally white hair with oVertone coloring conditioners for brown hair. All colors in the photographs and text on this page are oVertone Coloring Conditioners for Brown Hair.

flingpartialface flingrear flingfullface
Tri-tone hair flings, 2021 October

This is my tri-tone look, which i’ve been dialing in since 2021. One week it’s Rose Gold and Blue, following week it’s Orange and Purple. Every week (except when i’m running low) the dividing line gets Red.

In April 2022, someone in a supermarket away from my usual stopped me to share, “That is the best hair coloring I’ve ever seen”.

reaching for ceiling in short shorts
Waving hands in the air (like i just don’t care) with 2022 April tri-tone

There was one time, either in late 2020 else 2021, when i was bicycling in a residential neighborhood and a car was following me suspiciously slowly. I became concerned. Apparently the driver noticed, and eased up to have a conversation with me.

“I was just getting a video of your colorful hair.”
“Oh, OK. Go ahead and get some more if you want.”

As i bicycled away ahead she did, eventually passing and waving.

right side, head tilted up
Blue & Purple in motion, 2020 August

Last day of 2021, three women(-presenting individuals) walking together as i bicycle past. “Your hair is amazing!” one of them calls out, to which i naturally turn and reply, “Thank you!”

one hazel eye looking at you
I seeeee yooou, oVertone. 2020 Fall Color

Life-Changing, For The Better

People judge by appearances, despite what most say and write.

Before oVertone, white hair of varying lengths:
Since coloring my hair with oVertone coloring conditioners:

Money tends to run tight in my life. If it ever comes down to having to choose between spending money on food or oVertone hair coloring products, it’ll be a very tough decision. I don’t ever want to revert to the poorer treatment i formerly received with my natural gone-white hair color.

My very first experience with oVertone Coloring Conditioners was for a special party near the end of November 2019. I went all in on the Purple:

My first oVertone experience: pure purple
Pure Purple, 2019 November

Sorry about my face… really sorry about my face. This was only 2 months after a life-saving surgery following nearly 2 years of extreme medical + emotional duress. That plus me being around the same age as Madonna and very far from her financial and other resources, and maybe not so terrible, relatively. The hair, tho! Look at that oVertone Purple for Brown Hair!

Sonic’s UNofficial Rogue Fool Tips for White Hairs

Colors that stick for me, from best to worst:

Red, Rose Gold, and Purple all tend to fade to pink with my hair, so i’ve never needed to buy pink. Any other colors not listed i’ve not yet tried.

oVertone Annoyances

Sales, and other Price Gaming

Why why why can’t more companies be like Trader Joe’s: everyday lowest-possible stable prices? I don’t understand—truly. All the promos, deals, etc. annoy me, sometimes confuse me, and make me buy less. Best option would be everyday lowest-possible prices. Tolerable next best would be having a predictable scheduled sale once or twice a year. Guessing when there’s a sale just makes me tired. Reading too-frequent emailings wears me down further, plus is annoying and a waste of my time.

Not on Typical Social Media? You Don’t Exist to oVertone

One major reason this web page exists is from my frustration trying to get this content to the folks at oVertone. If i had Instagram or Twitter or TikTok or Faceskankbook or Pinterest, i might already be oVertone Famous… or at least known to someone at the company. I dislike being a product for advertisers, making content for others to make dollahs off me. Hence: this!

Dear oVertone: please be as inclusive and diverse in your communications as you are with those whose glorious hair you feature on your site (etc.). Of which…

oVertone Model Right Here!

Wouldn’t this be good on your home page, or somewhere?:
Orange with Purple hair flame
Use oVertone Orange with Purple and toss your head just right, and you get hair flame. 2020 October Fall Color

Seriously: people comment on my hair nearly all the time, and i freely mention oVertone every time it’s in any way relevant.

Blue & Purple from front
Blue & Purple, the latter fading to pink, 2020 August

I could beta test new colors too!

Blue & Rose Gold
Blue & Rose Gold, faded to pink, 2020 late March

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