Originally Web posted Wednesday, 26 June 2013.
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Fidelipac “Stereo 350” (gray)

Fidelipac Stereo 350 has a gray bottom, corner guide post adjustment, rounded pads

The Fidelipac Stereo 350 was an evolutionary kludge to keep the old design competitive in changing times. It is identical to the 300 with the following exceptions:

  1. Pads are curvy instead of straight (no, i don’t know why)
  2. The corner post has a screwdriver-adjustable metal top guiding surface
  3. The pencil leads are gone from the hub, and the hub is a one-piece molding so the center won’t want to take leave as easily.
There are 8 pieces of a disassembled Fidelipac Stereo 350 cart

Parts are completely interchangeable between the 350 and the 300, but please try to observe the following:

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