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Fidelipac Mastercart (red or gold)

Fidelipac Mastercart has separate pads for the record and play heads, a re-designed brake, and pulls tape from the rear (opposite the heads)

Known as an NAB AA body, due to its main claim to fame: the tape is pulled from the pack at the left rear instead of the left front corner, slightly improving stability by the time the tape reaches the heads. The Mastercart has two small-spine pads, and a removable brake assembly with spring, in addition to the obligatory guide post and teflon® washer, both different than the 300 series gray model equivalents. It sports two screws, and a redesigned hub.

There are 11 pieces of a disassembled Fidelipac Mastercart, including 2 pads and 2 screws

Almost all KALX Mastercarts were generously donated by KRE/KBLX around 1984(?), many containing great music we didn’t have, which went straight into the library after inspection, cleaning, and pad replacement. Always check donated carts for good stuff before bulking!

No parts are interchangeable with other carts, with the possible exception of the teflon washer. The top shell lifts straight off, once the two screws are removed, with little trauma.

As with other Fidelipac carts, pads are mandatory, washer and brake desirable. No glue is necessary to hold the pads in place–the case takes care of that. While these do perform better than the gray models, it’s nothing to write home about.

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