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1 August 2020 Note: This section of this site (this page and its linked subsidiary pages) is no longer being updated. It is too hilariously obsolete, and i’ve decided to move my very much alive and vibrant fatlovesex life to my new-in-2020 site jigglejunkie.com. Guess i’m leaving this here as proof of how (relatively) O.G. i am in the online fatosphere (HAAAHhhh!).

New additions since the last update marked: NEW day month year until the subsequent update. Don’t mind the cobwebs!

Welcome to Sonic’s little corner for the large and lovely…


Ooooh baby!—let’s roll with the flava…

soft, squishy, smooth, warm, comforting, cushioning, curvy, abundant, playful, pliable, happy, plush, visually stunning (esp. in motion), beautiful in & of itself (when installed on a human body smiley).

This page is dedicated to all folks “of size”, especially those lovely plush Big Beautiful Women raising the pulchritude coefficient of our world, bodies in motion, carrying themselves proudly (but not obnoxiously) as they go about their lives, jiggling, jouncing, rolling and swaying, exuding eroticism and sexuality as they jump up and shout out to the world

I’m FAT and i’m Beautiful!

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What’s NOT here?
What’s here (now)?
What do you hope to have here in the future?

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So Whassup as of April 2002?

Not much… you?smiley

Freshness and Deadness

There is no argument that many pundits consider this web page to be of the “stale” or “dead” variety. A complete re-do is in the works, but not ready yet.

Furthermore, this whole site mostly adheres to the Mr. Ed Philosophy of Information Dissemination: we tend not to add to the endless sea of webwords unless we feel moved enough to have something to say that we feel may benefit others. We don’t like our time wasted and we do not wish to waste yours with meaningless new content whose primary purpose is to keep folks returning to keep themselves listed as fresh and active.

In summary, this page is just like what Rockin’ G. and the G-Lettes said about Old Hippies in their 1980s song…. No need to visit daily, or even more than once a year… still, this page ain’t dead, and more is forthcoming, in its own good time.

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Sonic’s Stories

Have moved to a separate introductory page of Sonic’s Stories, despite the fact that there is still only one story there, and not likely to be more in the near-term future (despite my having partially written a number of others, some even decent!).

The Deal With The Stories

Over the years, i have learned that my (Sonic’s) sexual expression draws from the same well as some other aspects of life: the Well of Creativity. I have found that, for me, when creative expression in other forums is lacking, my sexual expression blooms, and vice-versa.

I do intend to finish the stories, and feel that they may be worth your while, depending upon your interests whenever they may actually be finished and posted. Stability is what the siber-sonic.com domain is about, so do consider bookmarking this page and checking back, say once a year, to see if there has been any progress.

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UPDATED 22 April 2002Though most of you FA and BBW kids know about these already, i thought i’d share with you my fave Net sites for big fat sexy fun:

Most favorite
Dimensions Online
Created and maintained by Conrad Blickenstorfer, shining beacon of the FatLoveSex community, who brings the already strong content of Dimensions Magazine to the online world. The web-based bulletin boards, some discussed below, are especially strong and well-trafficked. START HERE!
The Weight Room
As good a place as any for folks interested in fat-gain to go. The web message board (discussed below) is very active, and will have current pointers to possible additional stops of interest. Excellent story archive.
The Weight Board
THE hub of the fat-gain fatlovesex community. This is where i go first, and most often. Seems that the traffic which used to populate alt.sex.weight-gain is all here, and more! A must-visit stop for anyone wanting up-to-the minute news of this world.
The link above is one of two Weight Boards. The other one, more easily found from some links on the Dimensions site, seemed to have less traffic, more smiley icons, and more of a focus on younger (i.e., teenage and thereabouts) BBW/BHM/FA folks than the other, older Weight Board.
Yahoo! Groups/Clubs, especially:
Xtremefatwomenandfatbellies, for those of us where there is no such thing as too large (except when the owner of the large body says so).
BBWnSSBBWpart2. There are currently 6 of these. The link goes to Part 2, and you should be able to easily find the others from there.
feederfrenzy2 beautiful BBW who choose to grow.
Yahoo! Groups/Clubs are always coming and going. There are many dozens of others, with different names and focuses, at any one time.
Melanie’s Stories
New home of the stories from The Crown Jewel of the Net (well, OK, one of them). Fat stories don’t get much better than Melanie’s…. Many of us were saddened to find that Melanie, for her own reasons, had to resign from her Web life circa September 1997. We miss her, and thank her profusely for allowing Dimensions Online to keep her stories readily available, even if there may be no new ones forthcoming. Though we surely miss the diary and other non-story parts of her own site, we are indeed grateful for whatever we can (still) view and appreciate! The stories are timeless and still worth your time.
Feeders In Black (feeder UK)
Fans of Dimensions’ Weight Room will also want to visit here. The frames get annoying, yet if weight gain is yer thing, it’s likely worth a visit.

Other Worthy Stops
FatGirl/FAT!SO? On-line
a les/bi oriented fat page with an interesting perspective. Lots of naked butt shots. Home of the excellent (and for some of us hard to find) fat songs list. MAY BE UNAVAILABLE 22 April 2002
Wall Of Weight
MAY BE UNAVAILABLE 22 April 2002 Names and weights of a few zillion folks proud to be heavy (mmmm).
NAAFA (National Association To Advance Fat Acceptance)(they changed the name).
An excellent resource for fabulous fat folks (yes, i realize i’m being redundant smiley) and those who care about them.
Other Yahoo! Groups/Clubs, not so much to my particular interests, though might be to yours:
fatandimmobile seems to have mostly guys, which is fine… just of less interest to this male FA.
GorgedAndObeseii for lovers of female and male huge bellies. Over 50% male, last i checked.
amateurssupersizebbwsonly is more hardcore than i prefer. If you want to see those luscious legs spread wide open, go here.
As noted above, Yahoo! Groups/Clubs are always coming and going. There are many dozens of others, with different names and focuses, at any one time.
womengainingweight appears to mostly feature up and coming plumpers and BBW at the lower end of the size spectrum.

Places I Used To Go, but don’t anymore
Kelligrl's Place
Kelligrl is a stunningly beautiful dark-haired BBW who was kindly sharing her growth adventure into the supersize realm with the world. There were too many changes and ups and downs for me to keep track of… for all anyone knows, she’s hiding out somewhere in Yahoo! Groups.
Bulge was/is? a magazine put out by Kelligrl. Lots of additional Kelli shots, plus other stuff. Very controversial, esp. amongst the (former?) paid subscribers.
LargeLuv (formerly Dream Warlock’s Chateau)
I got tired of going here years ago, since the Warlock always demanded a higher-power browser than i was willing or able to provide. Formerly free (back in the heady days of the mid 1990s), has been running successfully as a for-fee service for several years now. Big pages which take a long time to load at 14.4k, but used to be worth the wait. This was the place to go for archival nude shots, if ya don’t mind parting with some $. In all honesty, i have not been there in years, except to verify that this link still works. Nevertheless, you may wish to try it.
Usenet Newsgroups
For a long while, i gave them the benefit of the doubt, in hopes that something would happen which would restore them to their former vitality. Well, on the eve of 2000, it was time to wake up and smell the coffee…. As i used to say, “Note: Spam and the growth of the Web have killed nearly all these Newsgroups. Expect to find gallons of undesired, unrelated garbage. Proceed with caution, especially to unknown websites (which may track you and inhale your email address for spamming purposes).” Sorry newcomers, the place where i met Siber Hussy is now (and has been) officially declared dead and not worth your time. Nevertheless, for the truly adventurous, here is what was:

Note: The FatLoveSex online world continues to, um, grow larger smiley, some would even say explode. I cannot possibly find enough time visit all these wonderful sites myself, much less point you to all of the good ones (as much as i would like to). Besides using the usual search sites, you may find all sorts of wonderful fatlovesex stuff by circumnavigating…

…any of a number of good webrings. This page was a fairly early member of The BBW/FA Ring, whose information and links used to reside right here. Sadly, the BBW/FA Ring went away when Dani Osborne (BBW QT) suddenly left the fatlovesex online world a few years back. I left the broken ring on here for a long time, hoping it would come back. At such a time as this page finds a new webring it likes and joins it, there will again be a ring link here.

Sonic Purity, FA (Fat Admirer)(with body rollin’ on the normal to thin tip)

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Everything good about this site is dedicated to Dani Osborne (BBW QT) and Melanie Bell, early BBW pioneers in the online world who were particularly influential to me in my early online days. Though they have moved on, their generous efforts are remembered fondly and with reverence. My best wishes go out to them both, and to YOU for visiting, and for your contributions to the fatlovesex community!

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