Return to Extreme Irrigation home/contents pageOriginally written and posted 15 March 2002.
Content last modified Saturday, 9 January 2021 .

Starting in early 2002, it was decided that it was time to renovate the sprinkler arrangement in the back yard of the house. There were several motivations for this change:

  1. Overspray from the lawn sprinklers did an excellent job of growing weeds in the flower beds.
  2. At the same time, most parts of most flower beds were not being irrigated.
  3. We hope to save water and reduce weeds by switching to drip irrigation in all flower beds.
  4. Tripping over the many “gopher holes” required for the small mushroom-style Champion-type sprinkler heads Champion sprinkler head icon all over the lawn was getting tedious.

Whereas in the front yard, it has been mostly sufficient to alter the existing sprinklers and modify some for drip irrigation, the extent of the modifications which would have been required was about the same amount of cost and work as merely removing the older systems (yes, more than one!) and installing wholly new.

These pages attempt to serve both as documentation for future residents of this house, and as a tour for our curious friends. Please note that nearly all the photos were taken with a 1997 0.3 megapixel early digital camera, so what you will see is as good as it gets. Click the images above or the following links to tour the old system removal Champion sprinkler head icon and the new system installation K-Rain sprinkler head icon.