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Here are some links to sites the author has found useful for information regarding character sets as used on the Internet:

HTML entities for the Macintosh character set
A similar table to the set i've provided on these pages, except sorted in MacOS character set order, and fine-tuned to the needs of those who want a quick lookup to convert from MacOS characters to something maximally likely to work across modern browsers.
Character set information from W3C
Solid background information from the international WWW standards-setting agency. An excellent starting point.
Character entity references in HTML 4
The official W3C table of character entity (name) references. Similar data to this page, organized in a different way.
ISO 8859-1 Latin 1 and Unicode characters
Outstanding alternative/complement to this site. Highly recommended!
Entity References
A very useful and well-updated set of tables similar to those on this site.
Martin Ramsch - ISO-8859-1 Table
Basic version of tables as listed above and on this site. Not recently updated as of the last link verification date.
WIK - Annotated Table of Characters
The source of the "controversial" characters at the end of this table. Also a good source of glyphs drawn better than on this site. Not recently updated as of the last link verification date.
Apple - The Standard Roman Character Set
The standard character set used by Mac OS-compatible computers.
The ANSI Character Set
The standard character set used by Microsoft Windows OSes, and apparently the basis of the ISO Latin 1 standard. Made available online by Fingertip Software, Inc. Note that this page may not display correctly on non-Wintel platforms.
Unicode Consortium home page
The place to go for information on the Unicode standard.
ISO Online
Home page for ISO, the International Standards Organization, promulgator of the ISO-8859 series of standards, plus related standards.

Character Set Table Home
Low ASCII (0-127)
Controversial High ASCII (128-159)
Remaining High ASCII (160-255)
Symbols, common Western European, Greek Math (338 and up, selected)
Undersubstantiated "controversial" entries
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