Here are some "controversial" entries for which i have found little substantiation. They originally appeared in WIK. The W3C Validation Service shows all named entities (column 5) as "not defined", further casting doubt upon their standardized adoption. The Apple logo (or icon) entry was updated in September 2020, reflecting standard Unicode practice. It was marked on this page as unknown back when this article was originally written.

Description Should Display Numeric Reference This Browser Named Entity This Browser Standard Macintosh Roman Character Set Wintel ANSI Character Set Unicode UCS-2 number
place of interest sign = command key Gif image of place of interest sign = command key symbol (cloverleaf) ⌘ &command; &command; U+2318
option key Gif image of option key symbol ⌥ &option; &option; U+2325
peace symbol Gif image of peace symbol ☮ &peace; &peace; U+262E
yin yang Gif image of yin yang symbol ☯ &yinyang; &yinyang; U+262F
apple logo Gif image of apple logo  &apple; &apple; 240 U+F8FF
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