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Conduit For Irrigation?

Diagram of backyard irrigation electrical conduit

Sure! What better time to run electrical conduit than when the lawn is already totally trenched up?

Why Conduit?

One main reason: convenient upgrades. Having installed 3/4" ENT (Electrical Nonmetallic Tubing), it is possible to add low-voltage, current-limited wiring for irrigation control or other purposes without having to rip up the lawn. Only minimal digging is needed to access buried junction boxes.

At the time of installation in 2002, the conduit formed a contiguous path from the existing irrigation timer area (on the red patio near the house) to the back side of the garage. With the purchase of the new irrigation controller in 2005, the control point was moved to the garage, where a small Lawn Genie LC-4 electronic timer had been controlling the rose drip circuit. The irrigation timer area in the patio was no longer needed, and the conduit was rerouted slightly to be contiguous to the house basement.

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Main junction box at valves Conduit to east (driveway) garden Conduit to west gardens Conduit past redwood tree to tees Conduit through center of lawn Conduit to south lawn tee Conduit to southeast lawn bend Conduit to garage rear